Song bird

One of my favourite things to do, is pick a song at random and draw the first
thing that comes to mind while it is playing.
The main part of the piece is drawn out during the first play through,
then while the song loops I add definition where needed.
This is an older piece, but if I remember rightly I listened to a gentle, guitary tune at the time.
I may post a couple more of these music sessions, it really is interesting to see where my mind
wanders, when lead by music alone.
Sometimes a seemingly simple song will evoke strong emotions and create a design
you really didn’t expect when you began.
I rather like this peacock design, although I can’t decide if I prefer the ‘finished’ version,
or my first rough draft.
Even without the light and shadow, there’s just something about the raw nature of it that I enjoy.
Let me know if you give this idea a try for yourself, I’d love to see the results!