Wild child

Here is a sneak peek at an idea for a possible series I am working on:
I grew up with books, films and tv shows about humans transforming into animals,
from ‘Woof!’ (a child who could turn himself into a dog, but it was a secret, shh!)
to Harry Potter and its many animagi.
Naturally I always wanted to have such a gift, but it seems that no matter how much I try,
I will never be a Padfoot or Prongs. So I decided to create a world of people who make their own magic, fashioning outfits to mimic their beloved creatures and developing their
natural behaviour – sometimes with not so elegant results!
I started out with a pencil sketch of this ‘bear girl’ and turned her into a digital drawing to give clean lines and vibrant colours.
Bears are such fabulous animals to watch, would you believe this was a sketch done way before ‘Brave’ even came out? Now that’s a film I could rave about, but I shall save you my ramblings…
As with all my work, I can never leave well alone, so this probably won’t be the final product, but its pretty close to how imagined it.