Updates and Reminders

Hmm, why have I been so quiet? You may be wondering what I’m doing that’s keeping me so busy.  .  .or you might not – but I will tell you anyway!

After a burst of inspiration, I find myself with 5 portraits waiting to be finished – I blame myself really, never was very good at choosing just one photo I liked

It has been a fun, creative juggling act over the last few weeks, constantly flicking between them whenever I get a spare moment.

Each is a different style, and if all goes well I hope to share them with you. Its a new venture; remember I mentioned digital art? Yep, turns out its become my new fascination so I am experimenting with a variety of ‘looks’ to see which suits me best

You’d be amazed how many times I’ve almost dipped my electronic pen into a jam jar of water when changing colours – it does take a while to get back in the swing of things, always worth it though!

I plan to start adding more drawings/doodles/notes to future posts, but for now I need to work on my technique, plus I need ideas for things to draw that aren’t full-blown portraits

One last thing for my local readers (Essex, or beyond if you like to travel)
Might you be free this Sunday for a spot of shopping and a slice of cake? Hullbridge Community Centre is home to a lovely craft show every month, where I set up a mini gallery at my stall, alongside lots of talented stallholders. It would be lovely to see you there from 10:30am, and be sure to take a stroll by the river to enjoy the view.

Take care