¿noʎ ǝɹɐ ʍoɥ ‘ollǝH
Why has the world gone topsy turvy?
The Diva asked if she could greet you today, from her usual spot on the her sofa. I swear she spends the majority of her time upside down…
She also said it was about time I talked less about me, and had a chat with the REAL star.
After a couple of tasty treats, she agreed to share this post with her brothers, how very nice of her!
She has been making lots of friends on her walks lately, – I’m surprised she has time to meet other doggies when she is sprinting through the trees, she is a natural racer after all.
Sulky face
Oh dear, sorry for making you wait your turn.
(Wally Boy resorted to jumping around with an old towel to get my attention)
He’d like to boast about the new tricks he has been learning and offers his paw to shake your hand. If you were to ask, he’d also be happy to wave/back up/lie down or sit for you.
We are working on a couple more, however his spine acts a little strange sometimes so we avoid ‘flashy’ dance moves
Snack time!
I heard squeaking, and turned to see a hungry little fluff ball begging for attention. Once wrapped in his favourite blanket, Jack gladly munched some lettuce and chatted away. He often sits in my art room, offering encouragement while I work, along with many, many white hairs to decorate my floor
Friendly firebreather

As I returned to my painting, I noticed another critter who looked larger than I remembered. Turns out my magnifying glass was poised over this little dragon paperweight and I just had to get a photograph.

There we go, a short chat with my animal family * : )
Bye for now!
* Well, the photogenic side of the family at least – my goldfish are shy, while my budgies are VERY timid and happier away from us and the camera. Each new member of the family we welcome is a rescue, with a bad start in life, so we always do what is best to keep them calm and happy.