Pictures, at last!

Well, its just not an art blog without the art is it?
This is a self-portrait I did a little while ago, to try out a style I now enjoy using for lots of my art.
It has a kind of paper cutout feel, while the spot of shading adds a 3D effect, which I rather like. I always find it funny to draw myself, especially without a reference or mirror, and I may still tweak this one further, perhaps try a more detailed version and see which I prefer.
Fun fact: Notice the glasses? Yes they really are mine, no imagination needed there!
Now, this is a banner I created during a dragon phase (they are very frequent) :
I wanted a cheeky little guy to welcome people, like you, to my site with a cheery wave.
I have been working with his character, sketching him in different styles.
Dragons really are one of my favourite things to draw, as there is no right or wrong way!
So there you have it, the first, of many, posts about my artwork
See you again soon!