A doodle a day (I hope!)

As well as my usual designs that I am working on, it is my plan to share a different doodle every day
I say doodles, they will be (usually) quick sketches or made up ideas, sometimes a whole pageful
So, this is the first page:
A scruffy chap with no name, who sprang to mind the moment my pencil met the page. I love dogs with big paws, most likely as I live with a soppy mastiff cross breed who can barely keep his own under control! Also, large noses are always great to draw, from every angle.
I do hope to create an animated short with a character such as this, no particular breed in mind as I enjoy mixing up the different features to get a quirky result.
Ok then, first one done and plenty more to be getting on with.
I do hope you enjoy my little rambles and doodles, I know I love sharing them with you