On the trail

Are you getting in the spooky spirit?
Halloween is fast approaching, I just hope our animal family are ready for the noisy fireworks that always echo around our town this time of year.
Hmm speaking of my furry/feathery friends, I don’t think I have written much about my my little fluffy guinea piggy, Jack, how awful of me!
Well, at the moment he is comfy cosy, cradled in my arms as I type, nibbling on any stray paper nearby and ‘chatting’ away to me with rumbles and squeaks about his thoughts on his halloween costume – I think he would like to be a pirate as he already has the perfect black patch over one eye!
Aye, Avast!!
I love making costumes and designing face paint ideas, embracing the creative elements of what could be a ‘scary’ week, by being productive (and eating far too many themed chocolates in the process!)
A quick reminder that Rochford Art Trail is up and running until Saturday, and my work is now set up, which is good news 🙂
I also had a stall at the Hullbridge Community Centre’s Art & Craft Show yesterday, it was lots of fun and I met so many lovely people who shared their pet’s stories with me
I hope you, and any of my animal readers, have been well
See you in November