Adventure is out there!

Remember that time I disappeared for a week or so, and promised I’d tell you what I was up to? Well now is the time to share some photos and stories, enjoy!

My adventure buddy: VHS Photography

First stop on the journey was the New Forest, such a beautiful place! We were greeted by a very friendly herd of donkeys who loved nothing more than a scratch behind the ear and a pat on the neck.
Hello there!

It was hard to tear ourselves away from them, but when we did the views were worth it!

Here comes the rain….

After a long trek, the clouds began to gather and my camera was hurriedly stuffed away in my safety of my jacket. This seemed a good time to hop back in the car and head towards shelter for the evening.

 The next morning, we met our new neighbours. They lived in a pigsty and didn’t really say much, but seemed happy enough….
What a sweety ^_^

In Longleat, we had a great chance to get some shots for my portrait work and get really close to lots of stunning animals – of all shapes and sizes.

It was amazing to see such an impressive animal just walking inches from us, they are so gentle and loving, a truly magical moment
Rhinos rule the road
As part of the drive through experience, you also meet deer, as they poke their head into the car in search of lunch, which we were happy to provide!
Any food for me?

Thanks to my 36 x zoom, I was able to get a closer look at this handsome chap from the famous Jungle Cruise boat

 The weather was amazing, giving us some wonderful views over the lake
Boat trip
Of course, no trip is complete without visiting a landmark. Our choice was Stone Henge, where we took plenty of photographs as the light danced around the stones


There it is

I found a new doggy friend, perhaps he would like a portrait done?

Good dog!
 My first attempt at ‘light graffiti’ was lots of fun, we took it in turns to make shapes with a set of finger torches, and as I am already feeling christmassy, here is a festive star


Twinkle twinkle…

This is a snapshot of our adventure, I’m hoping to sort through my many photos to pick out potential portraits.

I hope you also get a chance to experience these places some time:
The Doctor Who Experience
Longleat Safari & Adventure park
Stone Henge
The New Forest