Three dimensional fire breather

Work in Progress:
It seems I just can’t get enough of these mystical beasts, starting to wonder
if I should go back to fluffy critters for a while, but not just yet 🙂
Working in 3D is my new favourite thing, getting to work with the virtual clay
 and mould it to create anything I fancy is wonderful – especially as I can
simply ‘undo’ each mistake and try again.
This is my very first attempt at a model, and naturally a dragon began to appear
as I played with the controls.
Next, I need to learn how to add texture. This fellow deserves some fine scales, but no doubt
I will need to fumble through the options a little while longer before mastering that side of things!


I discovered that the background of my workspace is customisable,
which after much fiddling about lead to this shot of my creation soaring high
 above the mountains, neat huh?