The sun is shining…time to blog!

No really, the weather is beautiful today and I have been out for a wander, but now I’m sat at the laptop with an urge to update you  : )
Wiley and I heard, and perhaps saw, a lovely little woodpecker during our walk – it was making quite a racket, each knock echoing around us till the end of our walk, so I glanced behind us into the tallest tree and spotted a mini pair of wings flutter before disappearing out of sight. The woods then fell silent as we began walking home, but I was just pleased to have heard one at all
I have not taken many new photos since my last post as all of my cameras have been plugged in and charging, such a long process! However the moon was looking pretty fantasticly photographable the other night, so I tried out some settings to see what happened…
Just the moon
Now with added clouds
aaaaand I promised you wolfie piccies:
Wolf stare
The walk of the wolf
The day was simply perfect, plenty of sunshine for photos.
There may have been the odd short rain shower, leading to a sky like this:
Crazy weather
Not that I let that ruin my day with so many gorgeous wolves just inches from wherever I stood, and my camera didn’t die *happy dance*
I’m looking forward to going back again, check out their site for information and updates