Today I am taking a break from my arty things, mostly due to the crazy weather I’ve woken up to! Instead, I have been busy taking photos out in the glorious sunshine, so that I  can look back at them and remind myself that we did once have a day without clouds…
Our lurcher on the other hand is quite content to remain glued to the sofa all day, legs stuck up in the air, although I have no photographic proof as she despises being near a camera, and would have no doubt cast me an evil glance if I dared to approach her from behind a lens
I don’t think one member of our four-legged family knew what to do with himself; one moment he is chilling on the cool wooden floor, and the next he stretches out in the hottest spot he can find.
I caught him being nosey as he watched me darting around the garden with my camera, he must have thought I was mad.
Time to grab some ice cream, and settle down to watch the flock of birds dancing around the feeders
Have a lovely week!
Even the clothes line cannot escape my camera antics
A sunny dream land
Edging out into the sun…