Starting Again (Again)


Did you know I used to update my blog fairly regularly? It was fun, even though I knew nobody was actually reading it and I did it for the love of writing. Then, social media became a thing and I sadly neglected it. It feels a little alien to be typing something without a character limit and I must admit I’m worried I’ll ramble. Then again, isn’t that the joy of writing? Getting your thoughts out and sharing them without any restrictions? Funnily enough, before I even got any words on this page, I spent longer than I care to admit just picking a font to use for my Word document. You won’t even see it, I just wanted my page to look nice while I typed this out. I do this kind of thing a lot, putting off things I know I will enjoy doing until I think it looks and feels ‘right’, then I can dive in. I’m working on procrastinating less, it’s a slow process but I did actually post this, so that’s progress…

To those still reading this, thank you and I hope you know that means a lot to me. I’m a bit rusty and wanted to ease myself into blogging with a short ‘warm up’ post.

Coming soon (fingers crossed) will be a few more little updates, I’d imagine mostly about my art, my photography, my pets and my plants. If that sounds like your kind of thing, then please stick around!

Take care,