Rainy day…or was it?

Well, today turned out rather different to what I had planned…

I loved visiting the Wildlife Heritage Foundation so much a while back, that when I saw they had an Open Day I was of course overjoyed!

This was the sunshine during my last visit
 All morning I was checking the weather forecast, getting increasingly worried about the ‘heavy wind and rain’ scheduled for the exact hours of my journey, with every forecast showing the same thing.

Seeing as the site is prone to flooding, driving on motorways in such awful conditions is not recommended and photographs would most likely be limited by poor visibility, I had to make the difficult decision to cancel my trip.

This is my angry face, grrr
 I found other activities to fill my day, but couldn’t help notice the bright sunshine pouring through my window and lovely, wispy white clouds floating by.

As you can imagine, I was sad to have missed out on a great day out because of an inaccurate weather forecast, and can only hope they hold another Open Day very soon.

Bye for now