New Technique

After a short break, I am back to my portraits and trying out new techniques.
Keep reading to see how I created my latest piece.
Finished drawing
This effect was achieved in two stages.
After selecting my favourite photo for reference, I then sketched with pastels onto paper.
Colour selection
 I chose to use a nice sandy range of colours with a fairly loose application, as I actually like to see the paper’s texture through my work to add texture.
Pastel paper
Once I was happy with this drawing I used my graphics tablet, and related software, to add finer details.
Colour and brush selection
Using different brush tips, I could also tidy up my portrait’s background and experiment with colours to best suit the lioness’ tones.
Magic paper
By working over the image with a digital brush, there is no fear of smudging the original artwork and changes can be made easily.
Close up
As you can see in the cropped image, even on a computer you can still recreate the look of traditional medium – without the mess! : )
The graphics tablet allows me to enhance any portrait, or create one from scratch, with the chance to undo/redo every alteration.
If you would like to order your own portrait, please send me your chosen photograph(s) and we can discuss ideas and styles.