Little September Showers

Hello again, oh look! It appears to be raining
*stares out into the greyness beyond the window*
I love the rain, as long as you have a nice big brolly & waterproof shoes for walking – there’s nothing nicer than the sound of rain pattering outside to make you feel relaxed
Rain, rain, stay a while 🙂
 As you have probably guessed by this new post, I am now back from my holiday
(I had not a scrap of internet while I was away & I must say it was so nice to have a little break from screens and speakers to appreciate nature)
I am spending every spare minute making up for all the doggy hugs and snuggles I’ve been without….
 First, my camera narrowly avoiding a swipe from little miss diva, but once I ditched the lens she allowed me to sit on the very edge of her couch and give her a belly rub
No cameras please!
 Next, to make me feel bad for leaving him I was blanked for a while, but being such a big baby he couldn’t hold out for too long before he came bounding over to take his place on my lap for a long snooze (loud snoring included)
Oh, you’re back. That’s nice….
 It was quite the adventure though, so stay tuned for my post filled with all things travelly!
Since returning, I have been a busy bee – working on portraits and organising events – of course finding the time to dedicate to you, my lovely blog reader
I did get a chance to pop down to my local art festival, and was fortunate enough to see this happy chap.
Lions love to smile
 The chinese lion was wiggling his way around the highstreet, following the odd bemused business man around before playing ball with nearby children. It was a really upbeat performance, and I certainly felt happier as a result of watching such talented puppeteers
Ok, I’m off to work on a pastel portrait
*puts on apron*
Have a wonderful week, take care