Inspired by Sky

If you have visited my Fine Art America page, you will notice my work is inspired by my wonderful dog Sky.
I first drew her when I was much younger, nothing more than a quick sketch really.
This then became a larger acrylic painting, which can be found here:
Painted portrait
One day I had a lump of spare clay from a bigger project of mine, and as I hate to waste supplies, I began working with it.
Purely from the heart and memories of my girl, I created her likeness, complete with shiny tag.
She now keeps me company at every craft show, as seen below!
In 3D form
Her distinct markings further inspired me to draw out a logo, based on one of her many gorgeous photos.
Currently this is proudly displayed as my Facebook page’s profile image, and has since been seen on my brochures and even a rather flashy stamp.
My latest creation inspired by my girl is a short animation, featuring a series of drawings that capture her gentle spirit and character.
At the moment, she graces my Twitter and Facebook profile with her presence as a still image, and she greets all visitors to my website by wandering about after a short nap
Stills from her animation
Sky has now been in pretty much every form I can think of, and that is just what she deserves for her loyalty and support all those years ago
Do you have any inspiring pets or related stories?
All animals in my care are special to me, as I’m sure your’s are too
Until next time,
Take Care