Festive Fun

See, told you I’d be back!

Sooo, did we all have lots of fun, and eat far too much food? I know I did 🙂

Here, please take this delicious bundle of choccy biccies as a belated Christmas gift

Yummy treats

I am having a short break before starting my next portrait, and as I have taken so many photos over the past few weeks, I thought it might be nice to share a few

I was in charge of decoration, and chose to go for a rustic style as we had plenty of reds, greens and golds ready to use. My tree survived Wally’s swishy tail, and so far everything remains in place, down to the tiniest little creature nestled among the pinecones…

Hello little one!
String of stars

As well as Christmas festivities, I also celebrated my Birthday, by baking lots of cupcakes, some of which I shared 😉 Once they were all demolished, it was time to try out some new recipes, it was lots of fun!

Rainbow cakes & candles

After making the traditional fruit cake, it was time to move onto the gingerbread house. Did it stay together long enough to decorate? Drum roll please……YES! I’m as surprised as anyone, and for a first attempt I reckon it looks rather lovely – I think I even spotted a little elf scurrying through the door, maybe he left a tiny gift by the chimney?

Most of this has now been eaten, oops!
So many buttonssss

Wally and Diva enjoyed their week of pampering, getting special treats and toys for being so good all year. As you can see, they let me take a couple of snaps without fuss as they were too focused on other yummy things to notice me. Wally was a little confused when his usual route through the woods had been sprinkled with white glitter, but seemed happy to carry on despite the cold

Frosty paws
Waiting for Santa Paws
Nose to nose

I hope you and your animal families had a lovely time too, I’m nearly ready to face the new year, paintbrush in hand 🙂

Take care