For the best results, please follow these simple guidelines when selecting photographs to send:


Please ensure that the subject is well lit, so I can see all the details for an accurate likeness.


Eyes are the primary focus in a portrait, so they should be clearly visible in your chosen photograph

A highlight in their eye really helps to bring the portrait to life, and adds character.


Check that they can be distinguished from the background, this ensures a nice, neat edge around them.


Quality photographs make for an accurate portrait, so I’m afraid very small or blurred images are not suitable.


Multiple photographs allow me to get a better idea of an animal’s character.

I aim to capture personality, so a few extra shots displaying natural behaviour are more than welcome.

Original Photographic Prints

Prints are accepted if they are high quality and will be returned with your completed portrait.

Every portrait is unique, so please get in touch if there is anything you would like to discuss in more detail

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