I am a painter, doodler, photo-taker, sculptor and lover of all things creative.


Nature, animals and fantasy are my passions, so these themes often feature in my art.


My passions in life are art and animals, so it seems only natural that I love creating pet portraits and animal artwork.


I have been adopted by two mischievous rescue dogs and they bring me so much joy!


Over the years I have always shared my home with many rescued animals – including budgies, gerbils, rats, guinea pigs, rabbits, tropical and gold fish – and they often feature in my art, as they have such wonderful personalities for me to capture.

I live in Essex near a beautiful woodland where I first developed my love for nature. I was inspired to turn my hand to arts and crafts, so when I was very young I began to make pictures on the ground using twigs and branches and my passion has just grown ever since.


My favourite subjects at school were always Art and Photography as these classes encouraged creativity and I focused my attention on animals and wildlife, working primarily with acrylic paint for my large scale pieces.


I am now using a wider variety of media for my pet portraits, including graphite pencil, coloured pencil, soft pastels, oil paint, watercolour and digital media.


In my spare time I love walking in the woods with my camera at the ready, watching the wildlife around me and I am also fascinated by animation, interior design and illustration.

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